Thursday, February 20, 2014


"Hey Hay Compost Today!"

I read my wonderful trainer's blog today ( and reminded me that I want to write about composting to encourage people to do more especially reducing the plentiful amount of trash we face these days. Consequently, what you got is not superior dirt but also good feeling for a little thing you can do.

Don't feel intimidate. A lot of people ask us whether it's smelly. "No," if you balance your brown(dry) and green(wet) waste.

We want to show you how simple it is because in our case we don't even have yards and space. If you've ever visit us, you know we have only potted plants on the deck. So we adapt to our way of living. It can be done! There are times that our bin is not balanced (and we'll know from some fruit flies and a little smell..) that is because we don't have brown substance, like enough dry leaves or grass, our main brown are shredded paper and dryer lints. Sometimes we need to get brown supplies from other properties :-)

... But we're doing it and it's been a year. You can Google it how because it's easy but I'd like to show these pictures because I'd like to show you that it can done with our living constraints.

By the way, the title is from my oldest daughter's science project last year, which was selected to the district exhibition. She was inspired to care about environment.



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