Friday, February 21, 2014

Red and White Crunchies with citrusy dressing

This salad was inspired from my friend's page "Healthy Living by Bud" post on facebook. She had the beet root salad at the restaurant with some apple, pecans,  and crumbled feta cheese. So I want to make it some day though I don't eat pasturized cheese and I don't have pecans in hand.

I have been getting a lot of parsnips from "beachgreens" so I decided to add them in. I quickly steamed them because I read somewhere that cooked parsnip is better than raw. But I think raw would taste better. I just had them with my kale salad yesyerday.

This is so quick to make and serves about 2 portions


1 1/2 apples (I had to give half to my daughter who came by and asked for it)
1/2 jicama (มันแกว)
2-4 parsnips
1 beet root

Dressing: 1 medium orange and a wedge of lemon or to taste (This time I used 1/2 lime that we grow.)


Peel, cut, and slice them all in french-fries stick shape.  Put them in a bowl. Squeeze orange and lemon in and mix it well. Enjoy!

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